Learn To Surf For Real

‘Learn to Surf for Real’ is a comprehensive surf training course for anyone that wants to become a skilled, confident surfer

As a student in our Learn To Surf For Real program, you’ll learn the theory and science behind various surfing skills instead of just the “how to”. You’ll also learn proper surf etiquette so that everyone in the water can be safe and happy.

This surf lesson program works well for newcomers, as well as self-taught surfers who have reached a plateau and intermediate surfers that wish to solidify their technique and good habits.

The program consists of eight surf lessons known as ‘skill sets’. Each skill set focuses on specific fundamentals, progressively building on what you learned in previous skill sets. Each lesson includes discussion, instruction time in the water, and homework. Homework consists of surfing exercises that you can practice on your own to master each skill set. Students advance through the course at their own pace. If you are an intermediate surfer, our instructors will assess your skills and place you in the program accordingly.

Learn2Surf4Real will empower you to take part in the thrilling world of surfing. The skills you learn will carry throughout your life because surfing is like riding a bike: once learned, never forgotten.