Five things that set you up for a great surf lesson

  1. Clear communication with your surf school and surf instructors

    Give your surf school enough notice to set up your surf lesson so nothing is rushed. If it is last minute
    make sure you are ok with a little flexibility or the chance it may not work out. Communication in Key. If
    you are having a hard time communicating with the surf school there is a good chance of
    miscommunication or misunderstanding in setting up your surf lesson. Make sure you read all the
    emails, policies and advice sent during the surf lesson booking process.

  2. Get all the surf lesson details done and out of the way before the beach

    The day of the surf lesson, you want all your focus on the surfing. Try and get booking details such as
    recreational waivers and payment done before the day of the lesson. Also give yourself plenty of time to
    get to the beach before your surf lesson so you do not feel rushed.

  3. Listen to your body the day of the surf lesson

    If you wake up and you are not feeling it, try another time. Also, surfing is without risk. Make sure you
    are comfortable with this before booking your lesson.

  4. Make sure you have the right surf lesson equipment

    For surf lessons – GOOD EQIUPMENT is just as important as GOOD INSTRUCTION. Ask the surf school
    what kind of teaching equipment they use. Make sure they have a wetsuit or rashtop that fits you. In the
    winter, you should have a winter wetsuit so you don’t get the chills halfway through your lesson.

    Beginners should be on beginner surfboard and intermediates on intermediate boards. Also, surfboards
    are optimal for a student depending on height and weight. Surfboards do not have to be shiny new to
    work great, they just have to be the right surfboard for the student. Since the invention of the cheap
    $100 Wavestorm Cosco foamboard, many surf schools use them exclusively because of the low cost.

    HOWEVER, they are all the same size, very slippery and are not necessarily ideal surfboards for most
    students to use their first time trying to surf. If a surf school is using Wavestorm Cosco foamboards
    exclusively for all surf lessons, for all students, there is a good chance they are doing this to save money
    and that may not be right for you.

  5. Be prepared for surf lessons to change your life!

    Go to your lesson with an open heart and mind. You will learn about the ocean and waves. You will
    experience one of nature’s most powerful forces. You will get a great workout. You may be a little out of
    your comfort zone. You will be a happier person for it. You may also walk on water 

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